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TelTape Product Support

You Are Not Alone

Your enterprise software is only as good as the support it receives. It’s why Cartagena’s product line up is so widely accepted – they are very well supported.

Right out of the box,
you have a full range of support services for your system:


Technical Support
In the rare event that you have an issue, or if you just have a “how to” question, please contact our technical support department:

Software Maintenance
Regular updates that help prevent problems.

Don’t be shy, if you have a need for additional functionality, let us know – if they become part of the program, they are included as part of your support package.

Online Documentation
Complete, detailed and up-to-date soft copy information is available through the internet

Optional Support

Training – Need extra training? We provide it: on-site, individuals or groups, as your needs require.

Software Customization – No two applications are the same and sometimes you need functionality that others don’t. It’s not a problem.

TelTape for z/OS

  • Buy or rent TelTape for z/OS and full support is included for one year or the duration of the rental. The optional TelTape for z/OS Annual Maintenance & Support Package is available for your protection after the first year.
    • All support, maintenance and enhancements are delivered in industry standard SMP/E format

TelTape for Windows

  • From a single downloadable file and standard Install Shield installation, you have the full protection of a year of TelTape for Windows Annual Maintenance & Support when you purchase your TelTape for Windows license.
    • Simple, effective and worry-free

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