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TelTape for z/OS

Compliance. Migration. Consolidation.

TelTape for z/OS is a flexible, easy-to-use tape utility for z/OS (MVS), which includes an ISPF user interface, support for tape management and library management systems, and automation capability.

What’s in it For Your Company?

  • Exploit new technologies such as Virtual Tape and High Capacity tapes by copying catalog-, expiry-date-, cycle-, etc. controlled tapes to new volume serials.
  • Fast copying – TelTape for z/OS uses EXCP to copy by block, not by record; - you can run multiple copies concurrently.
  • Improved Productivity - Avoid waiting for
    unavailable tapes to be mounted – off-site and out-of-library tapes are deferred and identified on a special report.
  • Versatile License Options - Rental or permanent
  • Customized services available
  • Cost Effective tape migration option in your tape system upgrade bundle

Why You Need a Migration Tool

  • You are implementing new tape
  • You have datasets that are not automatically migrated
  • You need to move a substantial amount data in a consistent way
  • You have a mixture of file formats
  • Security
    • The integrity of your tape management system is critical
    • An audit trail is required
    • Comply with data security access rules
    • Data integrity – Exact byte for byte copy of original data


Migration Projects

Tape Consolidation

  • TelTape preserves the data’s original creation date, jobname, owner ID, etc., across the migration
  • Why is this important?
    You maintain tape management system integrity
  • Audit trail shows what was done, before and after picture, can be retained for 7 years


  • Reels, 3480, 3490 to STK
  • VSM
  • 3490 to IBM VTS
  • Old VTS to New VTS (TS7700)
  • 3590 to 9840
  • 3590 to 3592
  • VTS to VSM
  • VSM to VTS
  • Point in time copy or move,
  • Reduce number of volumes Enable movement
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    • 3490 to 9840
    • 3490 to 3592
    • 3590 to 3592
    • 9840 to T10000
    • VTS to 3592
    • VSM to 9840


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Cartagena is ready to help you implement TelTape for z/OS 
with a variety of related services:

  • Provision of new tape media
  • Software Installation
  • Strategy
  • Implementation and Tailoring
  • Assessment, projection
  • Project Management



  • Monitoring, Reporting
  • Custom or escalated Enhancements
  • Deal with Exceptions
  • Decommissioned media erasure/destruction



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