Superuser for z/OS


USS (Unix System Services) filesystem security productivity tool.

Easily Secure and Administer USS filesystems used by:

WebSphere®, CICS®, IMS™, Java™ Runtime, DB2® , SAP R/3, and many critical z/OS functions and services, including the z/OS Management Facility, XML services, OpenSSH, HTTP Server, and PKI services



  • Powerful commands
  • Recursive commands
  • Extensive command set
  • Global changes
  • Improve staff productivity


  • Works with zFS and HFS file systems
  • Comprehensive file management utilities
  • Online and batch commands
  • Supports Access Control Lists (ACL)
icon-archive reports

Data Integrity

  • Excellent security validation
  • File audits
  • Uncover audit exposures
  • No UID(0) requirement
  • Compatible with RACF
  • Unique audit reports
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Easy to Use

  • ISPF panels
  • Change file permissions and owners
  • Generate command scripts
  • View/change extended attributes
  • Granular command scope

Customer Testimonials

“I like Superuser and how it lifts the lid off USS security.”