Upgrade Tape Library to Newer Model

The customer is a medium-sized insurance company that has outsourced their data centre, near Toronto, Canada.

Upgrade Tape Library to Newer Model

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TelTape is an easy-to-use program product for tape copying, migration, and stacking on z/OS. TelTape has migrated millions of tapes since 1998.

Customer Description

The customer is a medium-sized insurance company that has outsourced their data centre, near Toronto, Canada.

Their IBM mainframe has two z/OS LPAR’s, and the tape management system is RMM.

Customer Need

About 10,000 virtual 3490 tapes in an IBM 3494- B18 VTS must be moved to the new IBM TS7700 virtual tape system. An affordable, automated, easy-to-use solution is needed to migrate nondisruptively while co-existing with production workload, and preserve the creation jobname, creation date (etc.) in the tape management system. Cataloged datasets must be recataloged to new volume serials, while uncatalogued datasets must remain uncataloged.

Enter TelTape

TelTape is designed to migrate tapes by the thousands, and is very affordable. TelTape is easy for the systems programmer to install and maintain, because it’s delivered in standard SMP/E format. TelTape is easy for the storage administrator to use, because it includes ISPF panels to enter selection criteria, run reports, and review results.

TelTape Delivered

The customer chose TelTape to migrate their tapes to virtual. Several migrations were run concurrently overnight, and within a few weeks the job was completed. Some data in the RMM database had been invalid due to a previous conversion project, but no matter, because TelTape automatically detected and corrected the data. Storage administration was happy that old tapes were automatically expired after a specified grace period. As a result of the project, the customer recommended TelTape to IBM for SystemProven and StorageProven certifications, which were approved by IBM.

Cartagena Continues to Deliver

When the customer expressed interest in connecting the TS7700 to their TEST LPAR, Cartagena responded by creating a project plan to leverage their investment. The plan was successfully executed by the outsourcing company, and now they can roll in new z/OS releases with confidence because virtual tape workloads are tested.